5 Ways to Improve Dissertation Writing

Improve Dissertation Writing

Writing a dissertation is probably the hardest thing you will ever sit down at a computer to do. Attempting to compose a unique and inspiring piece of research that will drive home your expertise in your field of study is something few people ever choose to endeavor. But, those who take on that task will be wishing they knew these 5 ways to improve dissertation writing.

Improve Dissertation Writing
Improve Dissertation Writing

Let’s face it, writing is a daunting task in and of itself.  And, when it includes having to sum up your life’s work and all the research gathered in that process, it could become an overwhelming obstacle. However, finishing your dissertation so you can obtain your higher level degree does not have to be as fear-inspiring as it seems. You can get the job done successfully if you take the advice included in this article.

Improve Your Dissertation with These 5 Tips

Dissertations are long papers designed to showcase your knowledge and research on a given topic. Keep in mind, though, that people have to read them. And, as such, the paper should not be boring. Here are some tips to ensure that your paper gets read and gets the grade you are striving for:

  • Innovation. Like we mentioned previously, people have to read this paper and if it is just like every other one they have ever read on the topic, nothing will make you standout in their minds. Make sure that you have a unique focus from the very beginning. Pick a topic that hasn’t been covered a million times by your predecessors or peers. Creative and independent thinking make for the best dissertations. Utilize that flair within yourself when determining what to study for the paper itself.
  • Think Critically. Research and critical thinking are the perfect marriage when it comes to career focused writing. You will need to deduce conclusions through thoughtful analysis, and produce concepts that are far beyond what is common knowledge, if you hope to obtain that high mark on your dissertation. You will need a complex argument that demonstrates a highly focused analytical design. You should be ready to show that you can define your methodology and philosophy while simultaneously relating your field’s theoretical trends. Take two or three positions and combine them to produce your own unique ideology on the topic.
  • Good Material. Whenever you are engaged in research, the information you derive is only as good as the source it came from. Unfortunately, people tend to overuse the same sources and therefore, the same information is replayed through the readers’ heads until the statistics and facts no longer make an impact. That is why it is important to look for those more obscure, lesser known truths to bring to light over the course of producing your dissertation. When you seek out those lesser known entities, you will reveal the level of devotion you have for the research you are performing. And, you will give your readers new information for their consideration.
  • Images. Dissertations are a lot of writing, do not think otherwise. However, people love the opportunity to see tables, graphs, appendices, and other illustrations that help them make sense of all the verbiage included in the pages and pages of research. This makes these charts and graphs nearly as important as all the written work you have invested in the project. Data sets and relevant tables will help you support your overarching argument. Numbers always make data and research more valuable to those who are exposed to its claims. It is a good idea to keep all these things in the appendix of your paper.
  • Write More Than One Draft. You are not going to create the perfect dissertation the first time you sit down at the keyboard to begin typing. That is simply not possible even for the most prolific and gifted writer and researcher. You will need to refine your work several times. It would be a crying shame to lose points due to typographical errors or simple grammatical mistakes. When you rewrite the dissertation, you will be able to reconsider certain phraseology that makes the piece challenging to understand. This will enable you to use clearer more concise descriptions that will enable the readers to have a more enjoyable experience with your paper. Besides, when you rewrite the paper you should be getting input from tutors and friends to ensure that the dissertation says exactly what you want it to say.

In Summation

Creating an outstanding dissertation is no easy endeavor. You will need to compose an incredibly innovative and creative thesis statement. That statement will need to allow you the ability to focus all your research on a topic that is new and exciting for your readers. Then, you will have to ensure that you look at these things from a critical standpoint, rightly separating the drivel from those things necessary to support your argument.

Once you have determined the topic at hand, you will need to access research and sources that are not readily available. You want to prove that this topic is important to you, and that becoming an expert in that arena is the ultimate goal. This drive will help you when you reach the position that requires you to defend a dissertation.

In keeping the paper interesting, the inclusion of graphs, charts, and other sets of data is imperative. People want to see that there are numbers backing the research you claim to be of import. Plus, the inclusion of illustrations helps to break up the monotony of page after page of written text. These bits of imagery will help you when you present the paper as well.

Once you have written and rewritten the paper, it is time to turn it in. Handing over the written culmination of your life’s work can be unnerving. However, if you have adhered to the recommendations within this article, you can rest assured that your paper will stand out above the rest.


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