The Best Cloud Based Software for Your Business


With internet speeds becoming faster and more areas receiving access to the web, many companies have decided to move some or all of their processes to the cloud. Not only does this speed up integration, but it also allows employees to be virtually anywhere when accessing documents. There are a growing number of applications that can now handle most processes in the cloud, but here are a few of the best ones.

Email Marketing

Almost all companies utilize the effectiveness of email marketing. It has a high success rate, but only if it is applied correctly. Many applications can help you create the perfect email marketing campaign. One of the best is MailChimp, which has third party integration and a good basic level that is free to use.

Another application is Campaigner, which is similar to MailChimp, but it has better flexibility and more features to create stunning emails.

Social Media

No one is in any doubt that social media is a tremendous marketing tool for businesses. One post can soon go viral and be seen by millions of potential customers. Although you should always have someone monitoring your social media accounts, they do not have to spend all their time posting. If you want help managing your posts, then Hootsuite could be the tool for you. It can manage your social media marketing campaigns and automate the posts, so they get posted whenever you need them.

There are a few applications that can help make posting and understanding social media easier. Sprout Social is a comprehensive analytics tool that can take all your social media data and compile easily to read reports.

Document and Data Management

Many documents are now sent electronically, and so it makes sense that you should be managing them in the same way. Creating templates and branding on your emails and letterheads can now be completed easily with software from Templafy. It can allow you to automate your business content and share it with your employees wherever they are. It creates a more streamlined process and means that even staff working from home can use the documents, saving time which would usually be sent finding or drafting new documents.

For data, there is IDrive, which features continuous backup and has an efficient file explorer integration. It will help you to secure your valuable information in the cloud for easy access.


Security is an essential part of having an online presence. You must make sure that your information and that of your customers, doesn’t get compromised. There are many security tools out there that are effective, including Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Webroot SecureAnywhere. They both do a good job of scanning your computer systems and picking up the latest threats. Bitdefender, in particular, takes up little space on your device or computer and has some useful features.

These are just a few of the many applications you can use online to speed up your workload and make it more secure. All of them can be employed in the cloud to free up server space and make your business available to all your employees whether they are at home, the office, or on business trips.


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