8 Ways Video Conferencing Solutions are Ideal for Remote Team Management


Remote team management can entail a boatload of stress and frustrations. There’s a high possibility that things could go wrong. Here’s how the right video calling solutions can help you manage geographically dispersed teams for higher productivity and returns:

Clearer Communication

Chats and emails, while useful modes of communication, can present a lot of opportunities for confusion. It’s easy enough to misconstrue an email for being abrupt or offensive. The lack of context cues can make this situation worse. Before you know it, you have people on each other’s backs, refusing to work together and derailing project deadlines and sapping work productivity. That’s normal when people work together. However, by using video calls, you can significantly reduce or kill those instances. The nature of video calls means everyone in on the call can see you and your expressions, gestures and body language. That could go a long way to defusing potentially awkward or tense situations, says Entrepreneur.com.

Easy Access

The best advantage to choosing the right video calling app or software is the convenient access you get to offsite members of your team. With multi-platform and multi-device compatibility, answering those calls will be simple enough for your employees, no matter if they’re doing it from your branch in the U.S. or Asia. That means getting in touch with your staff is quick and stress-free, making remote team management now easier than ever.

Stay Up to Date

The problem with running a team that’s halfway across the world is that staying up on the date on what’s happening with the team can be tough. Distance mucks that up. Video calling technology can turn that situation around, though. Video calling now makes it easy for management to reach out and stay in touch with key assets in your offsite teams. That’s going to be a tremendous help in keeping you in the loop so you won’t be blindsided by problems or issues that might have long plagued your team, without you being the wiser.

Better Tracking

With video conferencing solutions, you have a better way to track and monitor people and results. That’s one of the major concerns organizations have about working with remote employees. Video calls help you keep a better eye on your employees, determine if there are any problems, check their work and progress and essentially hold them accountable to their work if results don’t measure up. With video conferencing and calling software, you can identify problems with remote working situations and find ways to address those problems.

Deeper Trust and Engagement

The BlueJeans video call software provides you with video quality that makes it seem like the rest of the people in the call are just right in the room with you. That’s the kind of connectivity you want with your offsite teams. The clear face to face interaction brings your communication to a higher level. That’s because the visual contact adds another dimension to those meetings, making them more human and personable.

It’s easy to see why these online calls can easily improve your team’s engagement levels. After all, it’s much easier to work and trust someone on your team when you talk to them regularly, know what they look like, and exchange the occasional hi or hello. That’s the element that’s missing when you communicate via email or chat. With video calling apps, though, the face to face interaction can do a lot to improve your offsite employee’s level of engagement with the company.

Improved Retention

Some companies have high attrition rates among their remote employees. That’s not a surprise. Employees often quit and leave organizations in the absence of a deep and meaningful engagement with the company. Video conferences and calls, though, help leads develop better relationships with their offsite staff, which improve camaraderie and team work levels. It also effective builds employee loyalty. And everybody knows loyal employees don’t quit. They’ll work harder, better, and longer. That’s why investing in technologies that can make this possible is going to be well-worth your time and money.

More Time

By using video calling technology, HQ management leads can easily stay in touch with their offsite employees, enjoying one-on-one sessions without the need to have to bop over to the site. That doesn’t just save on costs, it saves on travel time as well, clearing up schedules for your management heads and offsite employees. With less to no travel time, your employees have more time to dedicate to the work at hand.

Collaboration Success

Innovation Insights says one of the best things about video conferencing and calls is that it helps teams collaborate with greater success. If your onsite and offsite teams are working on projects, video calls can help them get the job done and done right in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Stop running into problems in managing offsite staff. Take advantage of the right tool to ensure better remote team management.


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