Why mobile is the next step in the marketing game

Mobile Marketing

With around 77% of people in the UK now accessing the internet via mobile devices, and with smartphone users spending an average of two hours a day on their phone, it has now become essential to connect with the mobile market if you’re serious about promoting your brand. There are several different ways that you can go about this, some of them simpler than you might expect.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Whilst adopting new methods always means a bit of extra work, you’ll be impressed by the boost that it can give to your sales.


Every successful company now has an app, but what should the app do? Because there are so many, you’ll need to give customers an incentive to use yours. This means thinking of something useful or fun that it can do, on a theme related to your business, and making it stand out from the competition. An experienced professional designer can help you with this, and can also make sure that it’s small (in terms of code size) and easy to use, making users more likely to retain it.

Text message marketing

Text message marketing is a simple concept that can be very effective, and has helped companies such as Veoo achieve considerable success. The best way to use it is to make it valuable – for instance, by using it to promote special offers, or to remind people of appointments. Automated text messages are relatively easy to personalise, and this can make your customers feel that you value them individually, without requiring a major investment of time and energy.

Social media

Shifting your marketing to a mobile-focused approach means that you’ll need to change your approach to social media use. It’s more important than ever to keep posts short and snappy, so your Facebook messages shouldn’t be much longer than your Twitter ones. Instagram and Snapchat have shot up in importance, especially with younger demographics. As people use their mobiles on the go, it’s also worth incorporating maps in your posts (Bing’s are currently better than Google’s on smaller screen sizes) when you’re aiming to attract people to your physical premises.

Responsive design

In most cases, businesses using mobile marketing still want to draw customers to their websites, and there’s no point in doing this unless your website can be viewed on a mobile device. This is why responsive design has become vital, enabling your site to resize automatically to suit the full range of different screen shapes and screen sizes. It’s one of the more expensive elements of adjusting to the mobile marketplace, but once it’s done, it won’t cost you anything for day-to-day updates, and you’ll have a much more effective marketing tool.

Mobile marketing will not only help you to reach more people, but it will also help you to connect with new demographics and to reach people in their “off time” – when they’re commuting, when they’re bored during breaks at work, or when they’ve just woken up in the morning. These are times when they are particularly susceptible to marketing messages, and you can use that to your advantage.


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