Now, LG G4 Stylus Variant Approved By FCC, Second LG G4 Variant in the Tow

LG Mobile

Yesterday, we told you about a new variant of the LG G4, that comes with model number LG-H815PX, is approved by FCC in the USA and we were thinking it to be the LG G5, but looks like LG is going to introduce two new variants the LG G4 instead. Yes two, today another device from LG has been certified by the FCC with model number LG-H635CX and LG-H630CX which looks like the variants of the LG G4 Stylus smartphone.

So that means LG is going to launch two new smartphones, out of which, one will be the variant of LG G4 with model number LG-H815PX and the other will be the variant of LG G4 Stylus with model numbers LG-H635CX and LG-H630CX?

LG Mobile
LG Mobile

The FCC documents doesn’t give any clue about the LG-H635CX device. The FCC application for LG-H815PX variant was having some of the information that it will be similar to LG G4 model LG-H815. But, LG hasn’t provided any information about the LG-H635CX variant in the FCC documents. There are again some tests included in the FCC documents and there is no images of the device available.

As for the specifications of the LG-H635CX, the documents says that it will have connectivity options such as GSM 850, PCS 1900, WCDMA 850, WCDMA 1700, WCDMA 1900, LTE Band 2, 4, 7, 2.4 G W-LAN (802.11b/g/n HT20), Bluetooth, VoIP support, W-LAN 2.4GHz Mobile Hotspot support and NFC.

So, we have to wait now for LG to make some announcement or just wait for TENAA to approve the two new variants of LG G4 so that we have some more information about these devices. Stay tuned.


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