Samsung Galaxy A80 Review – All New Pop-up Rotating 48MP Camera


The Samsung Galaxy A80’s announcement is now official, and the first thing we all noticed that it is big, even bigger than Note 9 and Galaxy S10+. This phone is equipped with the biggest Super AMOLED displays of 6.7” that we have seen until now and its notch-free screen makes it even more spectacular. A80 has pretty tab like front without any unnecessary elements, featuring display resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and wide 20:9 aspect ratio. However, this isn’t the top pixel count, but with 393ppi density, we guess it’s more than enough for this model.

While Galaxy A80 is super big, it isn’t that heavy. This 9mm thin phone fits perfectly in the hand without stressing the fingers. A80 has got glass design with thin metallic frame both in the front and at the back. Glass and metal frame may be considered premium look by many, but that also makes it too slippery to hold. And, the glass on the back bent on the frame makes it even more difficult to get a grip of the phone. If you are thinking a phone case may solve that problem, the new pop-up camera may make it almost impossible for cases to get on.

Though, Galaxy A80 isn’t the first phone to feature 48MP camera and Snapdragon 730 chip, but what makes this phone create a history is because of its “Era of Live” design. The pop-up and rotating mechanism that turns the rear camera for your selfie needs make this device the most promising so far. You will see a tri-camera set up containing a 48MP main camera, an 8MP wide angle snapper and a ToF sensor for DOP information. That means you can now capture extreme quality photos both at the rear and the front.

The 48MP module has F2.0 lens giving steady shots and videos. Now the era of superior quality photos is moving towards videos, giving super sleek videos to experience the moments in a more realistic and better way. Another 8MP wide angle lens on the module offers 123 degree field of video that lets you include more people into the picture just at an arm’s distance. The third 3D ToF sensor allows you to control depth of field of the photo with just a single tap. It enables controlling live focus for both photos and videos. The true magic occurs when you start the camera app and tap on the selfie icon. The slider immediately pops up and rotates to your face. When you turn off the camera after shooting selfies, the module turns back and the slider moves downwards.

The Galaxy A80 is packed with 3,700mAh battery that runs on the concept of super fast charging with 25W. Samsung claims that the battery will get charged around half in half an hour. The smartphone comprises of 8GB of RAM and a fixed storage capacity of 128GB. Just like other latest smartphones, A80 has all the current omissions, such as no MicroSD slot, no headphone jack and no stereo speakers. The phone is expected to go on sale in May for €650. But, don’t be disappointed by the high price tag as you will soon find promos and discounts to own this device at a pocket-friendly price. Thus, let’s just wait and watch what A80’s users have to say about it.


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