Apple Pay Customers Experiencing Major Problems with Service

problems with apple pay

After Apple pulled the veil of its mobile payment technology Apple Pay in September last year the company has already taken a leading position in this market, primarily driven by a rapid increase in popularity in the United States. Despite this, it appears that the service is far from flawless, as Bloomberg now reports.

problems with apple pay
apple pay problems

According to a comprehensive survey conducted by a market research company named Phoenix Marketing International as many as two-thirds of Apple Pay-users experienced problems with service when the charge is made at the counter. The survey was conducted in February and involved 3,000 people.

Missing support

The problems that came out is that many of the stores listed to have support for Apple Pay service proved to not have this support anyway. 42 percent of those interviewed in the survey said that store employees simply were not familiar with Apple Pay and were not able to assist with implementing transactions.

In addition to this, 48 ​​per cent have said that it took far too long to implement transactions. Missing support for Apple Pay also has been identified as the main problem with Apple Pay in another survey conducted by market research agency Citi Research. It revealed that over 60 percent of users of Google Wallet did not experience such problems.

According Phoenix Marketing International, the lack of support renders large unpredictability for customers, which could damage the service’s growth. They have created a demand, but they cannot meet this.

Despite the apparent problems, still there is an enthusiasm for Apple Pay. According to Bloomberg, over 800,000 customers in the Bank of America placed totaling 1.1 million payments to Apple Pay service, while the largest bank JPMorgan Chase & Co. also experiencing solid growth.

Overall, it is not yet so many places that you can use Apple Pay, but the number will grow sharply. According to Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook said earlier this month that now 2500 bank branches and around 700,000 outlets can now accept Apple Pay.