Apple TV 4 Coming Up in June

Apple TV MIA

At WWDC in June, Apple is said to be ready to finally release a new, updated version of the Apple TV. Here we collect all the rumors and information about the Apple TV 4th. New Apple TV, which is expected to be released in June, may also surprise us with a new design.

New model in June

Apple has developed a new model of Apple TV to be released or at least launched at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in early June. This Apple TV 4 (it will be the fourth generation) should be quite similar on the outside but have more updates on the inside especially in the software.

Apple TV MIA
Apple TV MIA

On the inside of the Apple TV 4 we get to find substantial changes, including a new processor.  The processor will be upgraded from the current A5 to A8 processor, the same as in the iPhone 6. Instead of just 8 gigabytes of storage for the system and cache files, there will be considerably more space, perhaps 64 or 128GB. It’s still not as much as the first-generation Apple TV had (which was equipped with an old hard drive), but there is an important change needed for another, even bigger news. The new model will have support for apps, and that the launch will take place at WWDC because developers can quickly get into the development of Apple TV version of such games.

Games on Apple TV

Apps on the Apple TV have been a dream for many.  It has long been rumored that Apple wants to make Apple TV into something of a mini- game console and this will obviously change.

Subscription television

Another thing that has long been rumored, in connection with rumors of a TV from Apple, the company is currently developing a subscription service for TV over the Internet using streaming. Apple has often said that television is “interesting” and something they “watching”, but something more concrete has not appeared. Rumors have said that the problem has been to bring the big TV companies in the US on the train.

This can now be solved as the Wall Street Journal has reported that the subscription service is now really going on. Apple should have had fruitful talks with CBS, 21st Century Fox and Disney, and will have about 25 channels ready for a launch in the fall, starting in the United States. Your subscription will be around 30-40 dollars a month (about 300-400 dollars a year), moderately high to get many channels but not so high that it deters many customers. Data showed up later also stated that Apple held talks with Viacom and Discovery to get the channels from their network in the new service. The New York Post says that the company will share some user data to TV companies, which will be a big difference with most other Apple products, where the company is careful to point out that no data is sent to a third party that you have not authorized.


In addition to support for apps and app store, the Apple TV 4 will have support for voice-activated assistant Siri. It could be a useful feature on Apple TV. For example, be able to say “play the latest episode of The Walking Dead on Netflix “and not have to plow through menus would be a big improvement.


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