Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – A Unique Smart Phone with Distinct Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

It would not be wrong to say that the smart phone of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 made the entire continent of Europe infuriated last 3 weeks before. The makers of this smart phone announced that the gadget won’t be sold in Europe at least not during the current year. Either in one’s opinion the Note 5 version of Samsung smart phone was seen on the web page of

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

This is an authority that offers certification to new gadgets as per standards of connectivity. Thus everybody has come to a conclusion that European version should exist. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is among those smart phones that are the            smoothest, have a jumbo screen, sleek and have a unique style that the company has ever produced.

Galaxy Note 5 could have got even more sophisticated features. This smart phone blazes with a shiny and slim body, large screen, a well stylus, a latest technology camera and a long battery life. Note 5 is a clear improvement upon last year’s Note 4 besides sealing the battery and expanding the slot of storage. Some existing loopholes in the smart phones of Samsung Galaxy allowed opening the doors of sales for its costly competitors like Motorola, HTC and LG that are gradually boosting their specifications like memory card for storing songs and movies including applications like games.

The Galaxy version of Note 5 is very eye catching with a unique note line. It is Samsung’s only smart phone of current year 2015 with a notable style. In a single glance this gadget appears more pretty and same like the version of Galaxy S6. In fact the versions of Note 5 are supersized versions of S6 edge model. In brief we can say that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has unique features that make this smart phone different.


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