5 Common Smartphone Problems and How to Fix Them

Smartphone ProblemsSmartphone Problems

A smartphone or a mobile phone is the one gadget most people cannot leave home without. It’s used by everyone no matter what age- Adults use their mobile phones to store important information, send emails and communicate with coworkers. Teenagers use mobile phones for access to the internet or social media.

Smartphone ProblemsSmartphone Problems
Smartphone Problems

Young or old, a smartphone has become a necessity. Unfortunately, our phones are also prone to damage and malfunction. Because of our constant use for it, we often don’t have time to go to a service center to have our phones fixed. What you don’t know is that some common smartphone problems can easily be fixed by you! So save yourself a trip to the service center.

Here are 5 common smartphone problems and how to fix them:

1. Battery Problems:

Smartphone Battery Problems
Smartphone Battery Problems

Every mobile phone needs a battery, without it, your smartphone will not work. The battery is also one of the reasons why we experience phone overheating. Have you found yourself thinking “why does my phone get hot?” or instances when you want to scream “my phone won’t charge?” You are not alone. Battery problems are fairly common for all mobile phones.

2. Performance Bug: Have you experienced mobile hanging? Top Ten Problems says “Slow processing happens due to the less space in internal storage or may be some apps are used frequently. When needing a phone to work efficiently and what a user gets is slow processing. Slow processing may also occur due to the excess use of the apps that are heavy in storage. Proper optimizing and cleaning of apps can eliminate this slow processing problems.”

3. Storage

Smartphone Storage Problems
Smartphone Storage Problems

This is a common problem for iPhone users especially those who have purchased 16GB iPhones. Over time, you realize that you are in need of more storage space and unfortunately, you need to delete unused apps. Purge your mobile phone of photos, data and other information that you no longer need. If your mobile phone has a memory card slot then purchase memory cards in the form of microSD cards. Geek Squad UK says “The best way to gain the largest amount of free space on your smartphone is to add or upgrade a memory card.

Many Android and Blackberry handsets come with a memory card slot which take MicroSD cards as standard and are used for boosting the phone’s storage capacity. If you are the owner of a Windows phone, a quick check of your manual should confirm whether additional storage can be added (support for MicroSD cards was brought in with the Windows Phone 8 handsets). If you are the owner of an iPhone, the amount of available memory is decided when you purchase the handset and cannot be expanded any further.”

4. Weak or No Signal:  When your smartphone all of a sudden, is unable to receive calls or messages and the signal indicator shows weak or no signal then worry not! In most cases, the problem lies with your data provider or the area coverage. Sometimes we enter rooms or fall into places where signals are really weak. A quick solution to this is to do a quick restart and soon, all your messages will come in again. Alternatively, you can also move to an area where there’s improved signal strength. There are many factors that could disrupt signal strength and moving to another area could easily solve your problem.

5. Cracked Screens or Immersion in Water: Accidents happen and unfortunately water and electronics are not a good mix as well as your smartphone taking a tumble down the staircase. Sometimes these accidents can be prevented with the help of sturdy mobile phone cases. They may be expensive but investing in mobile phone cases can save your phone from a cracked screen or from water entering its ports. Another failsafe protection for your smartphone is gadget insurance.

Have you experienced any of these common smartphone problems? What solutions did you take in order to fix it? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments section below.


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