Benefits of Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management

Enterprise telecom expense management (TEM) can dramatically increase profitably. The value of a TEM service provider is significant but varies from organization to organization.  Following are some of the most relevant areas that can benefit your organization after the telecom expenses are effectively managed.

No More Zombie Telephones

Telecom Expense Management
Telecom Expense Management

The term zombie telephone refers to a phone that doesn’t have any owner neither its in use but silently exists inside a drawer and the company keeps paying for it each month. After bringing an effective telecom management service in use you can spot all such phones and discard them. You are also certain that no former employees are still using your SIM cards and telephones.

Software Service

Telecom expense management service allows you to utilize cloud power to its full extent. The service provider manages the optimization and administration of the software and it runs on powerful servers. As a result, the organization is most likely to benefit from optimum performance, security and user convenience because anyone can access the software from anywhere. The software is responsible to provide billing reports and all the details regarding telecom expense.

Time Saving

If an organization is utilizing the TEM service then employees get significant amount of time to perform their job duties effectively because they’re not responsible anymore to manually control company mobiles deal with fixed tariffs. For instance, accountants will receive automated reports about payroll deductions without any need to calculate physically.

No More Fines

Even small firms confront issues when it comes to managing due invoices, contract expiry and wireless devices. It’s not easy to manage all those telecom items and their due dates from multiple carriers but a good TEM service keeps you worry-free about fines.

Right Services for Right People

Most of the times employees don’t use some services at all, on the other hand, some employees are lacking service they need. Telecom expense management administers telecom services and arranges them according to the need of employees, which means company won’t be paying for something that’s not needed. The company also receives recommendations regarding ideal services due to proper TEM like recommendations about carriers with best service and charges.

Learning from Past Mistakes

A proper TEM system enables you to determine past mistakes and prevent them from occurring again in future. A detailed information about past data usage enables you to effectively re-negotiate contracts with telecom services because you know now exactly what your company needs.


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