OnePlus 3 DASH charge vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Fast Charge, OnePlus 3 Wins

OnePlus 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

One major consideration of most smartphone buyers, apart from the configurations, is the battery capacity of the device. Smartphone makers have realised this and have often included fast charge feature in most latest smartphone and it seems to be a compulsory requirement in flagship.

OnePlus 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

Competition has now started to shift towards whose phone charges faster among smartphones brands and OnePlus seem to have ignited that competition. A recent YouTube video detailing a test conducted between the OnePlus 3 DASH charge and Samsung Galaxy S7 Adaptive Fast charge was published online by OnePlus.

The test was conducted by the guys at OnePlus to determine between the two flagships which one charges faster and the result is amazing. In case you don’t know, the OnePlus 3 packs a new feature known as DASH charge which is claimed to be able to deliver a day’s charge in just 30 minutes and the Galaxy S7 also features an adaptive fast charge.

Before the video started playing, OnePlus was quick to issue a disclaimer that “charge time varies depending on phone configuration, settings, usage while charging and power source” but it is believed the conditions would be same for both phone.

That the cheap flagship OnePlus 3 could compete with the top-end, expensive Galaxy S7 (some thinks Samsung’s just got the name, not the juice) but then charge time varies depending on phone configuration, settings, usage while charging and power source” and OnePlus stated that fact in the video.

Both smartphones were subjected to their own charging technologies for 30 minutes, with both charging starting off from 1% of battery power left. In the end, when the results rolled in, the OnePlus 3 was able to achieve up to 64% charge while the Samsung Galaxy S7 reached just 50%.

Again, a second test was conducted while the display of both smartphones were turned on and the result clearly outweighs our guess. On this condition, starting off from 5% apiece, while OnePlus 3 was able to attain a cool 67% charge capacity in 30 minutes, the Galaxy S7 only got to 23% in the same time duration! Remember though, that the Galaxy S7 sporting a higher QHD display than OnePlus 3’s FHD and that may have played a big role in the decider. Also, despite the fact that both smartphones crams 3000mAh batteries, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI may have made the difference, with a notorious reputation of exerting too much drain on the battery.

Still, it’s an impressive feat for OnePlus, especially considering the DASH Charge technology hasn’t been out the market for even three months. The company is definitely not shy about singing its praises, going as far as showing how fast it works even while playing a game, one of those “don’t try this at home” scenarios. The one drawback to DASH Charge, aside from lacking long-term real-world tests, is that it will work only with OnePlus’ USB-C cable in addition to the official charger. This means we have to carry another USB for everything else other than the OnePlus 3.

In all, the OnePlus 3 DASH charging technology deserves some accolades for this feat and it only shows OnePlus means business when they say their smartphones are flagship grade with affordable price tags.

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