Samsung Files Patents for New Wireless Charger that supports more gadgets

Samsung wireless charger design

Recent reports from the US Patent and Trademark Office indicates that Samsung has filed for patent for a new design of its wireless charging technology but this one is different from others already in the market. There’s the S Charger Pad which supports only the Galaxy S4, and also the Wireless Charging Pad enabled for the Galaxy S5, S6, Note 4 and a few other devices.

Samsung wireless charging pad

Samsung presented a sketch of three new distinct design that promises to be stylish, especially when compared with the flat disk-shaped design as seen on the filings which were done this past week.

Samsung wireless charger design

This latest invention promises to bring ease and wire clutter free charging experience because the patent filings revealed that the charging device can charge more than one device at the same time. That is you can charge a smartphone and at the same time charge your smartwatch or any other supported device and this is made possible by the tall shape design the device has.

Samsung wireless charging patent

In addition, the charger will be able to charge different smart gadgets like camera, wearable device, necklace, electronic glasses, head-mounted-device, smartwatch, electronic tattoos smartphones and tablets.

Samsung wireless charging device

Samsung’s invention provides for a wireless charging device in which a sheet is provided at a predetermined separation distance between top of a housing and a shield-can. The sheet may shield a transmission resonator from the electromagnetic field emanating from the system board in the shield-can, and/or vice versa. Various embodiments of the present disclosure may also provide for a transmission resonator that simultaneously generates a vertical magnetic field and a horizontal magnetic field so that an electronic device can be charged via a side surface of the wireless charging device as well as on an upper surface. Accordingly, the product can be miniaturized as a large pad is not necessary and charging efficiency of the product can be enhanced as well.

Samsung new wireless charger

Samsung has billed August 2 for the 7 Unpacked conference where the Galaxy Note 7 would be launched. Perhaps we could see this device being unveiled on that day as well.


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