Best Smartphones 2013-2014

Best Smartphones
Best Smartphones
Best Smartphones

Some bestselling smartphone models available in the market

Smartphones have become the lifeline of all of us today. They are an excellent combination of utility and portability irresistible by most of us living in this digital age. Smartphones with their excellent camera quality and connectivity options have brought a revolution in the way we use cameras as well as PCs. Let us discuss some of the best available smartphones to help make a purchase decision.

Deciding the right platform

The first and foremost step in choosing a smartphone is the platform that it supports. The right operating system goes a long way in deciding the smartphone’s utility for its buyer. Currently there are four most popular platforms available in various models. These are:

  • Google’s Android

  • Apple’s iOS

  • Windows phone

  • Blackberry

Popular smartphones operating on Android platform

Google’s android platform is one of the most common choices for operating system due to its high customizability and easy interface. Some best smartphones that use this platform are discussed here. Apart from some leading brands like Samsung and HTC, Google itself makes few smartphones using this platform. Some excellent smartphone models operating on this platform are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4

  • HTC One

  • Nexus 4

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II

  • LG G2

The dependable Apple smartphones

If there is one smartphone maker who never disappoints then it most certainly is Apple. The Apple’s famous iOS platform is considered one of the most stable operating systems. The latest Apple iPhone 5 is unanimously being considered as one of the bestsellers.

This phone has a 4 inch retina display which makes watching movies, videos and TV a delightful experience. Available in the variants of 8, 16 and 32GB Apple iPhone 5 is powered by a triple core GPU that enables a smooth functioning of multiple features of iOS 6. The 8MP rear camera and high speed data connectivity (LTE 4G) makes it a powerful device into your hands.

The exciting Windows phones

Though relatively new to the smartphone world Windows operating platform for smartphones is quickly becoming quite popular. The tile features and the high customizability content has made Windows OS interface user friendly and approachable. The efficiency of Windows OS when combined with the powerful Nokia hardware makes it a highly lucrative deal for smartphone buyers.

The Nokia Lumia series is the smartphone series by Nokia using Windows OS. These devices have a strong camera with many features, good low-lighting photography options and excellent audio recording features. Additionally the sleek design, LTE 4G connectivity and 4.5inch AMOLED display are the strongest points of this device. Some of the bestseller models using windows OS are:

  • Nokia Lumia 1020

  • Nokia Lumia 925


The elite blackberry smartphones

Blackberry has been the pioneer in the world of smartphones. Although overshadowed by many of its predecessors, blackberry still retains its charm among loyal followers. And to the delight of all the blackberry fans the new and improved Blackberry Z10 is quite a treat.

With a complete gesture driven controls and an excellent keypad which learns as you type this sleek and stylish blackberry is soon becoming a sensation. The brand has managed to retain the smooth interface with multi-tasking abilities as well as all the blackberry specialties making the device quite lucrative.

Making tough choices

Today’s markets are flooding with smartphone brands. With increasing features and decreasing prices it has now become possible for most of us to buy a smartphone. However always prioritize your needs and desires regarding features to make the purchase smooth and hassle free.


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