MyGreatRecipes: The Best Cooking App?

MyGreatRecipes app

MyGreatRecipes the app and website have a database of over 100.000 recipes you can search, save and share with family and friends. “Whether you are looking for quick, easy and delicious everyday meals or food for special moments – with MyGreatRecipes you have America´s most delicious recipes & food at your fingertips” – said Martin Tonnesson, MyGreatRecipes founder and CEO of IMP Digital and its parent company International Masters Publishers (IMP). “The question “What´s for dinner?” will now always have an answer!”

MyGreatRecipes app
MyGreatRecipes app

The site would appeal to anyone, even to those without any technical background like myself, because of its simplicity and efficiency.It has great search features. The main page is very well organized: the search bar is up the top central and all the links providing standard site info are in the upper right angle, which is handy and useful.

There is no registration requirement to search all the great recipes, collections and profiles. The layout is very simple, without too much text, only clear recipe titles andhigh-quality relevant photos as primary guidelines that take you directly to a shortened version of the recipe.The information is presented in a unified and attractive format, simple and to the point: the ingredients are listed, accompanied by a direct link to the original website or food blog.

The recipes are ranked and filtered in categories which facilitate searching and navigation. You can search through a wide range of categories, from holiday recipes (Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day), movie night recipes, healthy recipes, grill recipes, snacks to 30-minute meals. Click on the category of interest and start typing the desired food.

If you do sign up, you will have free access toadditional features on MyGreatRecipes. Signing up can be done via Facebook or e-mail in no time. Once you’ve registered you can search and save recipes, share them via social networks or send them directly to friends via Facebook messenger.

These special features include creating a Custom Personal Profile.Have some fun personalizing your profile page by adding any kind of profile picture and cover photo. Communicate with friends and fellow cooks all around the world by following them, liking and commenting on their activities, and receive notifications when someone likes your recipes or starts following you. Stay up-to-date with the newsletters, write posts and save the recipe ingredients with only a click to your shopping list. If you are busy, send the list to a friend and ask them to do the shopping for you.

All in all, MyGreatRecipes is an excellent site, which facilitates cooking and makes it fun. It is simple in design, easy to use and very helpful. Now you can take your favorite recipes on your smartphone anywhere you go.


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  • Stinson Jake

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