Get the Xiaomi Foldable Walking Treadmill Gym for $389 (Coupon)

It’s really interesting going to the gym and meeting with different people but for those who don’t have spare time to drop in at the gym, or for those who want to have their individual gym at home or even in the office, the portable Xiaomi Foldable Walking treadmill Gym is now obtainable for you at GearBest.

Xiaomi Foldable Walking treadmill Gym

Since the advent of cars and various forms of locomotives, we tend to neglect walking which is scientifically the best form of exercise. With only $389.99, you can get the Xiaomi Foldable Walking treadmill Gym at Gearbest and make up for all the walking time that we’ve forfeited in some minutes.

This is one gadget that is required in every gym and home and it is interestingly portable and foldable (covering less than half a square meter), combined with all its smart features. Now, let’s get into the details of this gadget.

The gym features varied security modes which include overload protection, novice speed limit protection, 10-minute automatic standby and child lock protection mode.

Buy The Xiaomi WalkingPad Foldable Treadmill for $389.99 (Coupon Code: GBA1FW)Xiaomi Foldable Walking treadmill Gym


Situated in the front, is an LED screen that offers instructions about the speed reached and the exercise time. It provides two modes of movement: Xiaomi recommends choosing a specific speed mode for learners, which can be controlled using the wireless console from the kit. In automatic mode, the track is raised if the owner moves to the front edge, and slows down if “tracking behind”.

The Xiaomi Foldable Walking treadmill Gym also supports coordination with the Mi Home app. It unifies into a “smart home” system, and can concurrently be seen on Xiaomi TV during the workout.

Xiaomi Foldable Walking treadmill Gym

The Walking Gym can be folded in half and glided under the sofa after training. The thickness of the track in the folded position is only 12.9 cm and it also features a wheel for easy and comfortable movements, with this you don’t have to bother about moving the walking pad to its storage point.

Xiaomi Foldable Walking treadmill Gym

Main Features:

  • Base wheel structure to ease of movement.
  • Walking platform length of 57mm when in normal use
  • Variant speed options for the amateur or experienced athletes
  • The walking gym has been incorporated into Xiaomi’s smart home ecosystem which can be set up and adjusted using the Mijia App (can be downloaded from the App Store)
  • It provides Installation-free design
  • The walking machine is activated by the plug to perform an exercise. It can then be controlled by a remote control that is energized by a button battery ( installed in the product).
  • Convenient for performing exercise at home, office, garden, etc.

The WalkingPAad foldable treadmill is presently available for $399.99 but you can get a $10 discount using the Coupon Code: GBA1FW.

The Xiaomi Foldable Walking Gym is currently available on Gearbest for $389.99 (Coupon Code: GBA1FW)

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