Things You Should Know about Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

We all love our air conditioners, don’t we? It’s what makes the environment in your comfortable when summers are at their peak. To ensure that it continues to runs smoothly, you need to provide timely care and maintenance to your air conditioner.

Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner

Here is what you should know about your AC in order to keep it running optimally. We have gathered this information from experts at City Gas Company.

Clean/Replace Air-Conditioner Filters as Needed

Replacing or cleaning (if possible) your AC filters once every month ensures that your air conditioner continues to perform at its best and keeps the environment of the room free of dirt, germs and allergies free. Before replacing your filters, be sure to look for its MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). This can be found in your user’s manual or can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

For home ACs, the MERV is between 1 to 12; a higher MERV means better filtration but more energy costs and a lower MERV means the opposite. It is recommended to choose filters that have a 6-8 MERV rating.

Don’t Shut Off the System

Shutting off your air conditioner means more energy costs because it makes the air compressor work harder because it needs to displace more heat. If you are worried about overheads, just install a timer (appropriate for your AC) and set it according to the hours that you want cool temperatures. Also, set your AC’s temperature at a level that allows the compressor to take a breather and kick back in from time to time to maintain a set temperature.

Keep the Condenser Unit Cool and Clean

To make sure that your AC is working in optimal conditions and will cools your house quickly and efficiently, make sure that the outdoor or condenser unit is kept clean and cool at all times. Make sure the unit is not installed in a congested area, keeping at least 2 feet of space around the unit so that there are no obstructions in smooth airflow. Installing a shade over the unit lets your air conditioner displace the warm air from your room faster and cools it more effectively.

In addition, you should use a low-moderate pressure hose pipe to clean the fins your condenser at the back and either side. Make sure the unit is off and give it at least 30 minutes or more to dry off before turning your AC on.

Keep Doors Closed

Keep the doors in your house or office closed at all times as it disrupts the air conditioner’s airflow and cooling efficiency. However, you may need to leave the doors ajar from time to time in order to let some fresh air in..

These were just a few tips to keep your indoor air conditioner running smoothly all year round. . It is highly recommended that you hire a professional annually to keep your AC running in top notch condition.


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