New features Android 8.0 will bring to your smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016

We are living in the times when we have to upgrade our Android phones periodically. If we don’t then we will miss the updates the people around us will enjoy. These high tech devices are not just phones anymore. They have become our best friends. We rely on them to do everything from investing to doing payments. We carry out a plethora of tasks from by just using our fingers.

Why should you update your smartphones?

As you know that Android platform for smart phones was created by Open Handset Alliance. Companies behind this platform are constantly working to make it better and more perfect for us. So this platform is constantly updating and this is the reason why newer versions come so often. You should update yourAndroid phone because newer versions have fewer bugs and fix a lot of old ones. They also make your smart phone more efficient and fast.

What are the features of Android 8.0?

These new updates may not seem much but they can all contribute in making our phones more smart and efficient.

1) Notification channels

You are in complete control of choosing importance level of your notifications instead of the developers. This new feature is called notification channels. You can see only vital notifications by blocking unwanted and useless notifications. You can also change the background color of notifications, For example, you can set the color red for critical alerts.

2) Better battery life

You can limit the background activity of apps that you don’t use and by doing this you will save your battery time. Unintentional usage of battery is minimized. These new functions will lead to efficient and longer-lasting Android devices.

3) Picture-In-Picture Mode

Oreo will now provide Picture-In-Picture Mode which allows you to continue watching videos while cruising elsewhere. You can continue watching a YouTube video while working on an email or reading a PDF.

4) Adaptive Icons

Developers will create adaptive icons. These adaptive icons will offer many shapes which will be based on our home screen themes. This new update will keep your home screen uniformed as it will all be based on our home screens theme.

5) Better sound quality

Google has added some audio quality improvements in Android 8.0 which will help with the using of wireless earbuds and earcans.

6) Improved autofill support

New Autofill API’s will be performed by Google that will allow users to select password and data-storing apps to act as their preferred autofill app. It works like choosing an input app for example like swipe or Samsung keyboard.

7) Multi-Display support

We will have to wait and watchhow applicable it is for mostusers. We at this moment have limited knowledge about this update but we will wait and see if it’s really captivating.

8) Improved keyboard inputs

Oreo will allow app developers to upgrade keyboard navigation. Making it perfect for going through apps and games when seated at Chrome based operating system.

These are only a few features we have hand-picked for you. Are you as excited as we are concerning the release of Android 8.0? Then please inform us and tell us why in the comment section below.


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