Importance of PSIM in Physical Security


Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) is critical regardless of whether you are using a simple alarm security system or a full system of surveillance cameras. PSIM is a software that allows sharing of information across systems. It allows people located in different locations to view and share data from radar, video, intrusion system or any other communication database units. Thus, it helps to improve the ability to see and have an overall picture of everything happening around the home, business or institution. This article looks at the importance of PSIM in physical security.

It Improves Situational Awareness

If an intruder attempts to enter your facility and manages to start a small fire, the fire alarm and intrusion alarm would be triggered. Your employees would have to decide which of the two emergencies should be attended to first. If physical security information management system is installed, the user will receive continues flow of information, and the system prioritizes the alarm that is important. The fire alarm would go off first, but the operator will have a full view of the situation at hand and would be better placed to handle it.

Improves Situational Management

The PSIM protocols could be automated so that everything that happens in a given situation is repeated when the same incident occurs regardless of whether you change your employees often or not. The response to a particular event would always be the same. It ensures that all situations are handled in the most efficient way. Qognify is a leading company offering solutions in the area.

Improves Situational Reconstruction

Reconstruction is always needed after the incident such as the fire has been experienced. The staff must try to piece together what happened using the data obtained from the surveillance cameras and any other relevant record. During this process, employees will be relied on to provide critical information on what may have happened.

However, with PSIM, employees who come across anything suspicious may take pictures and videos through the PSIM app. The app allows the photos and the videos to be cataloged according to date, time and GPS location. This way, it is easier to isolate events that are not part of the incident. Also, it avails relevant information at a click of a button.

PSIM offers an opportunity to beef up your security at reduced costs. It makes use of plug-and-play technology and wizards that maximize security. PSIM is capable of collecting and correlating information and will only raise the alarm when it considers doing so important. It helps to mitigate risks; thus it is suitable for homeland and commercial security needs. It allows for a more centralized control and is not tied to a particular site. PSM can connect different locations and display the same information in a language that can be understood. It can also link a company to its franchises located in another continent.

That said, it is important to mention here that organizations that want to enhance their security procedures should consider acquiring the physical security information management platform. Integrating this into their existing systems is easy and less costly.


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