The Effect of Acupuncture on Infertility


According to recent studies, acupuncture along with various fertility treatments can help to increase a person’s likelihood of conception by up to 26 percent. With such impressive numbers, it gives more hope to the 4.5 million people who are having to suffer through treatment for infertility.


The Link of Acupuncture and Infertility

When acupuncture for fertility is used, it can help to increase the chances of conception by reducing the stress a woman is under, increasing the blood that flows to the reproductive organs and help to balance the woman’s endocrine system. The end goal of this treatment is not just to help a couple conceive a child, but to also help them have a healthy baby. Additional benefits of this treatment include additional blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, which creates a much stronger possibility of the egg being properly nourished and therefore able to be carried to full-term.

What to Expect with Acupuncture Treatment for Fertility

If you have never undergone acupuncture treatment before, then you might wonder what the treatment will entail. When you seek acupuncture treatment, the person providing the services will gently place thin, disposable needles at certain points near the surface of your body. There are over 2,000 points on the human body that connect 14 main pathways, which are officially referred to as meridians.

The practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in general believe that the meridians are in control of the qi, which is the energy that exists between your body’s surface and your internal organs. If there is a disruption in the flow of the qui, because of bad health or other circumstances, then pain and disease may occur. However, during an acupuncture session, the proper flow of energy will be unblocked, which will increase the ability for your body to conceive a child.

The “Magic” Treatment

Truth be told, infertility treatment with acupuncture can improve almost every single cause of this problem. Approximately 40 percent of all issues of infertility result from the female, while another 40 percent of problems are due to the male, which can be in regard to low sperm count or motility. The primary cause of infertility in women includes problems such as anovulation and endometriosis. Another 20 percent of infertility issues are the result of undetermined issues and problems.

Even though there is no type of guarantee with acupuncture treatment, there are currently thousands of different couples all around the world who swear this is a method that works. If you are suffering with this problem, then you may want to look into acupuncture for your fertility issues.


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